Saturday, April 12, 2008

smelly and hairy post...

Before I was married I was beyond scrupulous about hygiene. Shower everyday...check. Deodorant...double check. Teeth brushed...ummm that one I am ocd about, 15 times a day.... check. Since the advent of my child rearing years I wouldn't say that my hygiene has declined so much as my energy levels, motivation, and memory have slowly diminished. Anyway, for some reason this week I rested comfortably in the knowledge that my last shower was 'yesterday.' I am not sure where this came from, but as anyone knows if you showered yesterday and you don't have time today you are ok reapplying deodorant, touching up your make up, and putting off the shower till tomorrow.

Cut to Friday night, I am waiting in the ER for them to call us back(I was there for my mother who is alive and recovering...I post more on that later) So I went to the bathroom and was inspecting myself in the mirror, killing time. Hmmmm, bags under bloodshot eyes...nice. Hair pulled back into a messy, thin pony tail. I lift my arms to inspect the relief society saddle bags...and that is when I discover it...I haven't shaved under my arms in what appears to be at least a week! Ewwww! At that point I realize that my unconscious assumption that I showered 'yesterday' is quite inaccurate as I look like I am trying out for the European swim team. And to make it worse...I cannot for the life of me figure out when the last time I showered was...I don't even have the assurance that is was Sunday, since last Sunday was General Conference! At this point all the ickyness of my predicament began sinking in. I could feel the oils on my head and face and my whole body felt like it was coated in was like the time when I was little and someone told me my tounge was covered in bumps and for a while I almost couldn't speak through the bumpiness of it. Luckily, like I said, I was in the ER...I mean if I had to be out in public at least I wasn't at a place known for cleanliness where I would stick out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, as I was climbing out of the shower today I finally remembered when the last time I showered memory came back because as I climbed out of the shower I realized that my blow dryer was still packed away in our travel bag from when we went to Kenneth's parents house to swim...on Wednesday(which is part of the reason that hairy arms where an issue...I didn't bring my razor)! Huge sigh of relief! 3 days isn't going to set any cleanliness records, but hey, it could have been last Saturday!

P.S. No I did not climb into the shower at 1:30am when we finally got home...but I did shave under my arms =)!



i think that we can all say we have been there as far as showering "yesterday" goes

when i first was home alone with my girls i felt like it was months between showers... of course it wasn't but it starts to feel that way.

Anne-Marie said...

You make me laugh...a lot! So why was your mom in ER?

Joel and Crystal said...

I used to give girls a hard time about distance between showers.....but I guess guys can let a few days pass too! Now Laurie on the other hand.....oops, I better stop there ;-) (this is Joel again)