Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the big top

The circus was in town, and we decided that it was our day to forget that Kenneth is between jobs and our cars are trying to die, and our fundage is rapidly dwindling! It was worth it! It is so weird the transition you go through as a parent...I spend so much time now thinking of things in terms of what my kids will like. The circus was perfect for Gavin in that it combined all of his favorite things, elephants, horses, junk food, and mom & dad's undivided attention. We went, we spent, and we left at half time! Gavin was able to ride the ponies and the elephant(anyone who has been around him knows how momentous that is...he has been obsessed with elephants for over a year now). When we got home he wanted to look at the pictures and watch the videos so much that the money we spent was probably worth it just for the footage we got!



great memories! good times!

you are such a great mom!

Joel and Crystal said...

Yay Gavin! Sounds absolutely amazing! How wonderful! Love you!