Saturday, September 12, 2009

Conversation with Atticus...

A: "Mommy, I hungry."
Me: "Well, we are going to eat soon."
A: "Mommy, I hungry."
Me: "Yes, I know."
A: "MOMMY, I hungry."
A: "Mommy, I HUNGRY.
A: "Mommy, I hungry...for chocolate."
Me: "Oh really?"
A: "Yes mommy, I hungry for chocolate."
Me: "Hmmm, I think we should eat something else."
A: "Mommy, I hungry for chocolate.
Me: "No Atticus."
A: "Mommy, I hungry for chocolate."
Me: walking away...
A: following me... "Mommy, I hungry for chocolate."
Me: ignoring.
A: grabbing my leg. "Mommy, I hungry for chocolate."
Me: disentangling my leg and walking away again.
A: following me..."Mommy, I hungry for chocolate."
Me: starting to change Anne's diaper.
A: climbing up my back and sticking his face in mine. "Mommy, I hungry for chocolate."
Me: handing him the dirty diaper, "Will you put this in the trash baby?"
A: big grin. "Yes mommy." throws diaper away. runs back. "Mommy, I hungry for chocolate."
Me: "Go away Atticus."
A: "Mommy, I hungry for chocolate.
repeat x's 30. Finally he gets distracted by a toy. 10 minutes later he comes up to me.
A: "Mommy, I hungry apple."
repeat x's the time it takes me to cut up the apple!

Home dude has a one track mind. Once he thinks it, he stays on it...and on it...and on it.

the diva says...

"Are you going to give me your cell phone? Or do I have to keep screaming?"

How to eat a pb&j. By Jane

1. Pull the pieces of bread apart. Carefully lick all the jelly off of both pieces of bread.
2. Put a piece of bread on either side of you. Place each hand gently on top of the bread. Massage your fingers through the peanut butter. To really experience it to its fullest, close your eyes.
3. Carefully lick all the peanut butter off of your hands.
4. Delicately pick off tiny pieces of bread at random, and eat them with relish. Take time to savor every bite. Make sure that as you do this it causes the bread to slowly disintegrate into a crumbly, peanut buttery mess.
5. When you have maximum bread disintegration carefully wipe your hands on your shirt, and walk away.

Bon Apetit!