Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ike missed the outside of our house...

....but hit the inside HARD!


My little hurricane bambino. I am still processing the "birth experience..." as well as the "evacuation experience..." and I am going to blog about them soon, but I am still trying to take in everything that has happened over the past month. That being said, I did want to document some Anne related things. Stats from her one month well baby:

weight: 11 lbs 4 oz
length: 22 3/4 inches
head: 38 cm

She is starting to smile! So far they are few and far between, but these are some definet non-gas related smiles(also, if we are measuring who she smiles at I am far and away her favorite person...go figure =). She is much loved. Gavin in the past week has really warmed up to her and has become a little possessive... "Mom, I wanta feed Anne MY nipple!" (he really wasn't convinced by our explanation of why that wouldn't work). Janes preferred method of expressing love is to lay down on top of Anne and cover her with caresses and kisses...sweet, but since smothering is a very real possible outcome here, Jane is allowed to love...on a leash. Atticus is mostly oblivious, but every once in a while gets a good whack in, and has the distinction of being the one who has made her cry the most and the hardest. I am falling in love with her a little more each day(I am NOT one of those bond-the-second-I-push-the-little-monkey-from-my-body kind of moms). It is definetly an adventure seeing how she fits into our family.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

On the road again...

We are on our way to New Jersey! How is that for a hurricane induced vacation? They are saying the power could be off for at least a month at home so here we go again(it took 3 weeks with Rita and apparently the power grid took even more of a hit this time). Fun fact: Anne has been alive for sixteen days. She has been evacuated for 8 days and counting. No idea how much she has grown cause her 2 week check up Oh well.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

potty mouth...

A couple of days ago Gavin ran into the bathroom while I was finishing things up...

G: " wear a diaper?"(love the post baby/delivery pads)
Me: "ummmm, sure, yeah I'm wearing a diaper."
G: "Mommy wear a diaper!"

Runs off to tell daddy...GREAT. It will be repeated someplace inappropriate. Just ask my sister Laurie. A couple of months ago she was watching Gavin and they had this conversation:

G: "I pooted!"
Lou: "Good for you."
G: "and mommy pooted."
Lou: "ummmm...ok...."
G: "and daddy pooted...and gwan-ma pooted..."
Lou: "remind me to be careful what I do around you!"

Almost 3 and already ready for scout camp.

sweet gas...

Why would I give up chocolate when this is the positive reinforcement I get?

Friday, September 5, 2008

wait a minute...

This kid likes to eat. The fact that she came out 2 lbs bigger than the other 3 probably should have been a clue. We are nursing every 2-3 hours(completely normal). A couple of days ago she started acting hungry before it was "time" to nurse(not that we are on a strict schedule right now...give me a couple weeks though and we are doing this...made life with the twins livable!). This was my thought process:

'Hmmmm, she is acting it gas or is she really hungry? She is getting really mad at her hand, I'll bet she is hungry. Ok, I guess I will feed her now. Crud. If I feed her now then the 'other one' is going to want to eat at the normal time in an hour and then I will be feeding babies all. day. long. I should probably wake the 'other one' up to eat too....'

'WAIT A MINUTE! I only have one baby this time! There is no 'other one...' So if she wants to eat now...why not? It's just me and liberating!'

Not that I am knocking twins...I love 'em, and someday with a bigger house and a little more of a child bearing breather, I would love to have them again. But some things about having only one this time makes it feel so. much. easier.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

pictures first....

Blogger totally makes me twitch when it comes to placement of the pictures and the words on the screen. It makes me cray-zee! So pictures first.