Thursday, February 28, 2008

the best things in life....

....are behind my car seat!

conversations with Gavin

Me: "Gavin are you poopy?"
Gavin: "No."
Me: "Gavin are you lying?"
Gavin: nod...pause, "and tiger....ROAR!"

out on a family walk...
Gavin: "Wadder(water)....[looks meaningfully at me] ee i ee i oh!"
Me: blank stare
Gavin: "EE I EE I OH....MOMMY!"
Me: " MacDonald had a farm?"
Gavin: "Wadder, ee i ee i oh..."
Me: "Old MacDonald had water on his farm?"
Gavin: (in a 'i can't believe how slow you are' tone) ee i ee i oh!"
so we sang Old MacDonald had a farm and here are some of the things found on this most amazing farm(see if you can come up with good sounds for some of these things!)
Now all he has to do is say a word and follow it up with ee i ee i oh, and I know we are off to Mac Donalds farm.

Any ideas how to get a 2 year old to stop eating dirt? Or drinking water out of puddles?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

crazy wonderful life

All of my kids are asleep at the same time! So with this momentous occasion I decided to have another go at this blogging thing.
Life is pretty crazy right now, Kenneth is super busy at work and trying to get caught up with school after being in trial for a week. He also has an internship(for school credit even) with this company in Austin that does the kind of Flash animation he aspires to. Of course that means he actually has to go to Austin. When he first brought this idea up I told him he could go...if he took Gavin with him(who wouldn't want to take their 2 year old to work?). I must say I would have made a terrible pioneer. The idea of him being gone for 2 1/2 half days absolutely terrified me...I just knew I would be a blithering wreck when he got back. Well I must report it went much better than I thought it would(and I didn't make him take Gavin). He was able to go last week and every single one of his kids was alive when he got back! I decided if he was going to be gone I was going on vacation too. I went to Blockbuster and picked up every single chick flick that caught my fancy. Gavin watched movies(not the chick flicks) during the twins naps and we played in Grandma Ross's wonderland of an office when they were awake. He got as many cookies as he wanted and to be quite did I. I didn't clean a spec(except to shake the cookie crumbs out of my sheets) and I must say we had a pretty relaxing go of it all things considered. I think we are going to be able to manage! Oh...and this week Kenneth and I are going and leaving all the kids....glory hallelujah!
This is the reason we can go...the twins are both on formula! I have had some guilt for not nursing...but WHY? It seems silly, hello, I nursed twins for 6 months...and I am pregnant...seems like I should be able to cut myself a break. And Jane gained over a pound in a week and a half(she has since evened out and is not gaining that fast), she was on my less productive side and I don't think she had been getting enough. *Deep breath* letting go of the guilt....

I love my kids! I hate being pregnant...but the end is sure worth it!
On a different note, I love where I live! Yesterday everytime I sent Gavin outside to play he ran straight to Laurie's house, and when Laurie sent him home he decided it was time to visit Grandma(or "e-maw" as he calls her...she lives in the "e-house"). Michael and Clayton spent time at my house and Michael didn't want to go home(I guess that is a fair trade since Gavin spent most of his day at Michaels house and most definetly didn't want to come home!) Yea for families, yea for cousins, and yea for living close together!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Blog

I have to admit that I have become somewhat of a blog stalker. Ever since my sister started last year I have built up a (embarrassingly) lengthy list of blogs that I check with frequency(yes, YOURS could be on the list!). I have finally decided to bite the bullet and start my own....we will see how it goes!