Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

twin moments

Jane learned to crawl out of her bed(almost 2 months ago). For a little while it meant that there was a LOT of screaming at bed time. We dusted off the the gate we bought when Gavin made the same discovery and after a few very long screaming sessions, she realized that she still had to go to sleep...and mommy and daddy didn't care if she slept on the floor.

Anyway, a few mornings ago I went to let the twins out of their room. I heard giggling, and this is what I saw as I peaked my head thru the curtain...Jane had crawled out of her bed, rounded up some toys, tossed them into Atticus's bed and then climbed in herself. They were having a gay old time, laughing and playing with the toys and each other.

The other day I checked on them during nap time and found that Jane had climbed into his bed again and they were both in there sound asleep. I love having twins(even when I want to throttle them=).

Monday, December 15, 2008

poor little neglected blog...

good mom = bad housekeeper/bad blogger
good housekeeper = bad(mean) mom/bad blogger
good blogger = bad housekeeper/bad(but amused) mom


make Christmas presents = bad mom/bad housekeeper/bad blogger!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What does it mean to have 4 children? It means that when you are in the middle of changing the baby's diaper and your oldest child decides he wants to take a bath, that by the time you get the diaper changed and get to the bathroom you will find your oldest daughter testing the bathwater that her brother was so kind to start running....testing the bathwater with her pajama clad feet.

It means that when your oldest daughter learns how to climb out of her crib and makes you crazy by screaming hysterically at the gate, and when you have decided to let her scream so she realizes she has to take a nap means that oldest child will come by when you are not paying attention and take down the gate...allowing her to escape.

It means that oldest daughter and second son experiment with sharing and throwing with the baby...poor baby.