Thursday, October 30, 2008

best and worst friends

There is a path worn between the two of the first things he asks in the morning is "Ella awake?" The love of his little boy heart? Ella. The person he is most likely to get in a knock down brawl with? Ella. The person he takes great delight in making scream? Ella.

Drinking water off the ground together...

Nothin says love like shutting each other up in the dryer...

Gavin: "I are your friend Ella!"
Ella:"No...You my popsicle!"

The beanie bandits:

When I walked outside they were sitting there in the stroller.
Ella: "We're going on a walk!"
Me: "Good for you. (walking away) Let me know how that goes."

oooh how sweet...wait...
Ella: (angry) "he licked my nose!"
Gavin: *giggle*

breakfast (Atticus)

-Catch the twins splashing around in the toilet(this was the day of Gavin's last potty training attempt). Bleach their little hands...just kidding, seriously scrubbed though.

-see Atticus grab a dripping egg shell out of the trash can and put it in his mouth. Put the trash can up on the counter, move the bleach from the bathroom to the kitchen(still just kidding...I just use a LOT of soap...have I mentioned Atticus hates being cleaned). Make mental note not to kiss Atticus for a few days.

-shoo the kids outside. The weather is beautiful and cool. See Atticus carrying a bowl around. how cute. Wait. That's the bowl Grandma puts the cat food in. Atticus is carrying it like a bowl of popcorn...a nice post breakfast snack. Take that away(offending him...AGAIN...what a morning)

-Follow Atticus around for a while steering him clear of ant piles since that boy has never met a pile of dirt he didn't like and he has no concept of 'the dirt that bites...' Have several near misses(a couple of days later he was not so lucky).

-Grab some snacks for the kiddos since there are starting to be complaints of hunger. Sit down and hand them out. Atticus wanders over from the sand pile with dirt all over his hands and all around his I said, the kid loves dirt. I catch a whiff of something foul. I inspect his diaper...all clear. He really smells nasty though. Then I realize that what I thought was "dirt" was actually Atticus discovering the portion of the sandbox that was also apparently the litter box. He. Ate. Cat. POOP. AAAAAAAAAAAAARGh! Where did I put that bleach?

-On a walk later that afternoon a bird poops on my head.

Happy Halloween

On the way to the ward Halloween cuddly little bear; he absolutely fit the part.

The precocious was quite the task keeping her in the gym, and she had a pitiful haul when it came to trick or treating because she had no patience to wait her turn at the doors.

The happy clown, she smiled and was content the whole time....

The ferocious dragon...also a testament of why a costumes never die, but end up in the dress up box...

...since it also made an appearance at Halloween '06! He decided 5 minutes before the party that he wanted to be a dragon...luckily it still fit!(sort of)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

potty training revisted

The other day someone was encouraging me to start potty training Gavin. I have been so wishy washy about it. It seems like a good idea for a while and then he has an "accident"(more like an "on purpose" if you ask me, but moving on) and then I just feel tired and quit. Anyway, he heard the conversation and said, "Momma, I wanna potty train!" *Sigh* Ok. I guess we can try again...The next morning he is in underwear, and when does he need to go 'pee pee?' When I am nursing Anne of course! By the time I get to the bathroom the twins are merrily splashing in the toilet(having followed Gavin in) and Gavin is playing with the toilet paper. Chalk that one up to another failed attempt. I am done for a while. Besides, upon further questioning I realize that Gavin thought that 'potty training' involved riding an actual train!

Friday, October 17, 2008

breakfast (Jane)...

Jane: Refuses to eat when I am trying to feed her. Climbs back into the high chair when my back is turned and feeds herself.

"hmmmm...this doesn't look so hard."

"the last little bit at the bottom is always so tricky..."

"I am such a BIG girl!"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a tale of two feet....AMENDED!

So I was getting ready to update my blog...started the pictures loading...figured out the title, and then kid craziness took the point that I forgot I had even started this entry. Until tonight. I'm out on a date with my husband and he starts giggling and tells me he has updated my blog for me...this being the result:

"This is my foot. Kenneth and I were looking at our feet today and i realized mine looks weird. Take a look and look at his. Isn't mine weird?

Har har har take that Kenneth, the comments were on my side! Now you might be wondering, 'why a post about your feet anyway?' Well, Kenneth and I were talking today and he says:

"I don't think I ever told you this, but when we first got married I thought your feet looked so weird..."

"Reeeally?" says I, "Because I have thought the same thing about YOUR feet ever since I first saw you with your shoes off!"

"What!!!" says he, "Your feet are all squatty and your toes are so have hobbit feet!"

"Hobbit feet!" exclaims me, "First of all my feet are not nearly that hairy, and I'll have you know that I have very nice feet...they're on of my favorite things about myself...YOUR feet are stretched out with long ratty toes....that's what your feet remind me off. RAT FEET!"

"Rat feet, eh?" he sniggers, "You know that sometimes if you damage your thumbs they will give you a toe transplant to replace them..." [holding up his foot so his big toe is overlapping his thumb] "just imagine you big hobbit toe on your hand and tell me who has funky feet."

"Ha!" says I, "Anyone with a toe on their hand is going to look funky, besides I don't know if I have ever told you this, but your thumbs freak me out too."

"Now wait a minute!" he explodes, "my thumbs aren't freaky they are double jointed..."

and on...and on...and on. Eventually it ended with us giggling hysterically and taking pictures of our feet for your viewing pleasure. Which brings me to the actual point of this post...four years ago today we weren't taking pictures of our feet...

Happy Anniversary to us! Four years feels like FOR-EV-ER! Seriously, we have been thru some stuff together. We knew each other...7 weeks before we got married. The first 3 months we were married we learned a lot about each other, and for a while eternity = torture. His jokes weren't funny and he never laughed at can you live thru eternity with someone with no sense of humor? And that was just the tip of the ice berg! It was so hard. WHY was everybody so excited to get married?(How is that for a description of marriage? sure not what I learned about in the young women program at church!) Then at some point I remember being on a trip with Kenneth, and as we talked and laughed I realized...I'm married to my best friend! When did that happen? But it is true, some how in all the craziness of getting to know each other and figuring out how to combine two lives into one...we fell in love. And now four years later I know that I won the jackpot in the marriage lottery. I married my best friend/husband/lover/sparring partner/intellectual equal/sugar daddy...and besides that...he is H-O-T(aside from some seriously funky feet). I am so glad that I married this guy! And the best part? It's for keeps...eternity=joy(and laughter...turns out he is funny).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the par-TAY

Apparently age 3 is the "Big Deal" birthday...the one where they know what is going on and are excited for it all...the cake, the presents, the singing. It makes me excited for Christmas. Anyway, most of my day was spent making the cake...a 2 hour job that was extended for me by all of my "helpers..."

Gavin and Ella's contribution to the cake...

Jane read the instructions and did "quality control" on the ingredients...

Atticus provided entertainment for the babies....

And the very truly most helpful thing?

Nap time!

Viola! The finished product. I found a bunch of ideas on this website. We browsed through the pictures and I let Gavin pick which one he wanted. I think it is safe to say...I am awesome!

Explaining the cake to Rui....

"Don't smile Gavin!"

Anne is ready for the action...

My mom took him shopping about 3 weeks ago. She let him pick out his presents and then they came home wrapped it up together and made a sticker calendar to count down to his birthday. Lastly she put the present up on a very visible, very high shelf to aid in the birthday excitement....and boy did it work! He was so excited for his birthday! As he unwrapped it he would announce what he was opening..."This is my baby wion...this is da momma wion...and da daddy wion." He didn't forget a thing!

How many 3 year olds does it take to open one birthday present?

The final present? A back hoe made by daddy...just what every little boy needs!

Happy Birthday!

(this morning Gavin came up to me and said, "Momma, I ready for my birfday again!" Yeah I'll bet you are!)

here's a first...

I don't do tags, but I'll admit I got curious to see what this would pull up. The rules copied directly from Lydia's blog 'Here is a fun & easy photo tag. Here are the rules: just go to your picture file, open the 6th folder, and the 6th picture! Tell a story and then post it and tag 5 friends.'

So this is the 6th picture in the 6th folder....

From the folder entitled..."Kenneth's mission photos." It confirms what every sister missionary knows...elders are retarded 19 year old boys. On either side of this gem were these 2 equally impressive pics....

And now for the story portion of this tag....Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs, they built some crummy houses that even a wolf could destroy...which is what happened and they got eaten. The End.