Friday, February 19, 2010

odds and ends...

I think part of the reason this conversation is so cute to me is the very fact that I can have a conversation with babies are growing up!

Atticus: "Mommy, wats dat?"
Me: "That's my belly button."
A: "Yo belly buddon?"
Me: "Yep."
lifting his shirt and pointing
A: "Wook mommy. Dere's my belly buddon. Wat Dat momma...dat yo boddum?"
Me: "Yes, that's my bottom now get out of the bathroom so I can finish getting dressed!"


We did a fit test this morning in at my class and these were my results:

20 modified pullups
63 crunches in 2 mins.
37 modified pushups in 2 mins
lasted 1min. 30 seconds for the 2 min. plank
3 miles in 37mins and 50 seconds(a new personal best, wheeee!)

I have signed up for a half marathon in July, and my goal by then is to be able to do real pushup and pullups! Yea Me!

Friday, February 12, 2010

enlightening conversation...

Gavin: "We help Jesus when we choose the right!"
Me: "That's right honey." I am thinking, 'what a smart kid! He surprises me everyday with the things he is absorbing!'
Gavin: Holding up his hand and waving it around, "Is this(indicating his hand) the right?"
Me: "Oh. Well yeah, that is your right hand."

Friday, February 5, 2010


I warn you. If you are looking for spectacular musical ability then you probably don't want to listen to this. Lately we have been letting Gavin stay up a little later that the other kids. It makes him feel so big, and so he has been helping us put the other kids to bed. He helps us tuck them in and even helps sing our lullaby, "Angel Lullaby." It gets a little better towards the middle. Grandma's Barry and Ross this is for you:

Tonight before bedtime the kids were running around like crazies, crashing into each other and laughing hysterically. At one point I looked over to see Atticus laying on top of Anne's head. "Atticus," I snapped, "get off of her head!" Gavin pipes up, "But Mommy, we are da lions and she's da zebra." I then notice that Gavin is indeed laying on her legs and has her foot in his mouth. Anne was remarkably complacent during the whole affair, happy I think, just to be included.

I love love love LOVE my really, I do!

Yesterday was a fun day. There are major diaper failures on the girls and boys beds the night before. Which makes us stuck at home while I try to get the bedding washed and dried by nap time. As I am putting the last sheet and blanket back into place I realize that Annie has fallen asleep on my bed. Shoot. Oh well. I decide to make lunch before attempting a nap with the others. When I go to pry the kids out of their cartoon lair...aka my room, Atticus is laying, on my bed, in a huge puddle of urine. HUGE. "Oh well," I think, "at least it is on Kenneth's side." cue karma. 30 minutes later Annie wakes up in a huge puddle of urine AND poop....on my side of the bed. Joy. Did I mention that I have just gotten all of their bedding back on their beds? Now on to the king size mess. I think I can have the comforter dried before my bedtime. Maybe. If I hurry. Kids!

This morning Gavin comes up behind me and says, "Mommy, you have a race track bottom."
Me: "What does that mean?"
Gavin: "That you really really look like a hippopotamus!"

And we were excited when he started talking!?!

I really really really love my really, I do!