Friday, March 7, 2008

an exercise in aggravation

Today the twins had a well baby visit. Kenneth left at 5am for Austin, and then everybody else was up by 6:30am. It was not the smoothest morning, probably in large part because my hormones are still crazy and I am not doing so hot at "acting" and not being "acted upon" by the psychotic woman who has taken residence in my head. And also my kids were a little difficult(why on this morning of all mornings did Gavin decide to poop in the bathtub?). Anyway, I got us dressed, together, out the door, Gavin dropped off at his playdate, and to the dr.'s office 15 minutes before my appointment time...pretty impressive for a cranky pregnant woman toting 2 car seats that weigh at least 40 lbs a piece. The Dr.'s visit went great, the twins are so healthy it is disgusting and hitting all the important milestones. We made it thru in record time. And then we had to visit the dreaded "shot lady," yep the twins had to get I haul everyone thru 2 more sets of doors, get Jane out of her car seat and then am informed that they are all out of the vaccinations and that I have to go the the Health Department...and I have to go today...or Monday. WHAT!?! Are you kidding me?

shot lady: "nope I'm not kidding...the state didn't send us enough vaccinations and we ran out for the month."
Me: "And you couldn't call parents so they could plan their day accordingly?
shot lady: "No, not really...we don't know when we are going to run out..."
Me: [at this point I clamp my mouth shut as I feel my hormone induced rage instantly makes it necessary to keep my head from exploding...] (what I was thinking) So you couldn't go and print out a list of all the babies that are coming in for a well baby to find out how many vaccinations you were going to have to do today and then go to your little fridge and count how many little bottles of vaccine you have in there and think 'oooooh I have 23 kids coming for shots and only enough for 2 maybe I should call the others, maybe in all my free time when I am not giving shots' I can see how that is impossible...especially if you are going to beat that high score in solitaire any time I will haul my 2 40 lbs car seats and my pregnant self down to the health department and see if they have the vaccinations since it has to be done TODAY!(at this point I was screaming in my head...and possibly spraying spittle)...oh and I will call my babysitter and see if my 2 year old can stay for at least 2 more hours while I take care of this... thank you for being so considerate, good luck with your game..."
so I didn't actually say any of the last part, but the lady could tell that I was not so happy and so spent the rest of the time I was in her office bad mouthing the state of Texas in a lame attempt to place blame. And honestly I can see the frustration of having the state not send you enough vaccines so that you run out by the first week of the month...but honestly if you don't want an office full of angry parents do what damage control you can! Oh, and when I got down to the health department and they asked me which dr.'s office sent me the lady taking my info made this comment..."Oh, wow they ran out fast this month...we've been getting all of their shot patients since yesterday." since yesterday....Yesterday!!! I can see why they didn't have time to call....really! grrrr. Curse that lying shot lady at my Dr.'s office.


Laurie Huish said...

Holy Smokes!!!! Well I think you deserve Ice cream!!! Sorry about Gavin pooping in the Tub. Now I know who never to give a bath-Though in all fairness the one time Michael pooped in the tub, it was right before church...He couldn't have picked a more convenient day? Preferably one when his Daddy was home to clean up :)

scr said...

I had a kid eat the stuff one time... not kidding and also not telling who till they are all grandparents! I am glad you survived to write this... it was great reading! =) I need a tatto that says, "this will be funny later" =) Love ya, scr

Michael and AmyLyn said...

I would have been so MAD!! You should have said all those things you were thinking!....No, it's good you didn't. But someone should be told that that office needs to run differently! I'm getting to the point in life where if I'm going through a drive through and they ask me to pull around and that they'll bring out my food, I just tell them that I always get forgotten about, so I'll just wait right here while they get it ready! Before your next appt, call the office, ask for that specific lady and tell her you're double checking to see if they have enough shots before you come in!!! haha!

Meg Barry said...

I have told that office things need to be run differently, and perhaps it is because I do it so often that I bit my lip and held back the explosion this time! I do the same thing at drive thrus, because if you pull forward they get to reset their service timer and all motivation for quick service is lost. I just say, "no thanks, I'll just wait here."