Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am buried under a pile of blankets(ability to use a blanket = sure sign that I am not pregnant =) I hear the dulcet sweet sounds of chaos coming from the kids room. Ugh. I don't want to get up. 10 more minutes...they can wait 10 more minutes...

*muffled shriek*

Gavin: "The twins are awake!"(Gavin can climb over the gate and so he comes to my bed most mornings around 6:30)
Me: "They are...why don't you go let them out." (he can also take down the gate)

A minute later Jane wanders in, hair skeewumpus and eyes still full of sleep. Atticus I can still hear yelling to be let out. Apparently he didn't get the monkey gene and is still not able to climb out of his bed.

*more yelling*

Me: (still trying not to move from under the blankets) "Gavin, will you go help Atticus out of bed?"
Gavin: (very excited) "Yes Mom!"

A couple of minutes later they both wander in, and Atticus has a huge grin on his face. My goal of sleeping longer is soon destroyed and the morning rush of diapers, breakfast, etc. begins. It is not till much later that I walk in the kids room and find this:


Teresa and Eric said...

I thought I longed for the day when Taft could get himself out of bed and come get me, but apparently are to many more crazy mornings!

Holli said...

Oh wow... the things that go one while moms are unaware.

Sarah Fruge said...

Well, that's one way of getting out of bed! lol I'm glad nobody got hurt. :)

Carol Joy said...

This is awesome! Love kids! They're so funny. I still can't believe you have 4 children! You're amazing.