Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my house smells....

....BAD! Yesterday I changed 9-10 poopy diapers...yeah I was curious and counted. That doesn't count the ones that weren't poopy but had to be changed anyway. Needless to say our diaper trash is full and our house smells....well it smell like crap!

Other exciting things:

Atticus took 6 unassisted steps yesterday and is pretty consistent with pulling up on things and then trying to walk from there. He gets sooooo excited you would think he was the only baby ever to hit a milestone!

Jane has figured out how to climb on our bed....and from there to my desk. Yesterday I was listening to music working around the house and the it began to skip around. That is when I discovered Jane sitting on the keyboard. She can walk across the kitchen(my moms....important to know cause there is a major size difference) if there is a treat involved.

Gavin is learning to speak in sentences. All of you who read who only deal in verbal little girls might not understand what a big deal this is...but it IS! He was looking at his photo album the other day and found a picture of his uncle David holding him in the hospital and got really excited:
"!!!" pauses and slows down, "David holding da baby, momma!"
Whoa...was that a sentence? I would have popped the button of my pants from pride if I wasn't only doing elastic right now!

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Holli said...

I can relate to that! When Gabi was a baby, it got so bad that we finally invested in a diaper genie - which does wonders for smells. (The only thing is that you better have a mask when you go to clean it out!) I can't imagine the load multiplied by 3!