Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Late at night, I get up feeling an urgent need to vomit. Make a bee line for the bathroom and prepare to hover...when I hear the sound of puking followed by a weak whimper from Atticus. Oh boy. Luckily mommy instincts kick in and my desire to hurl fades to a dull nausea as I throw him in the tub. Kenneth is a dear and cleans out the crib. Sometime in the middle of that Jane wakes up and decides that we need to have a party. So freshly scrubbed and wide awake the twins join us in bed and we watch a movie. What a reason for a late night movie eh? Only problem, Atticus apparently did not completely empty his stomach. Lucky me, I am the one who catches most of it. So Atticus gets to take his second bath of the evening this time with me. Jane wanders into the bathroom and nearly goes insane from jealousy, so she gets to climb in too. We finally get them to bed. Gavin decides it is a great morning to get up early. Get up early and bounce on mom and dad.

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