Tuesday, August 5, 2008

new talents and tricks etc.

Gavin's new talent...locking mommy out of the house. And then screaming at the top of his lungs..."Help me! Help me Momma! Let me out!" Grrrrrr. Luckily, even in my latest window locking obsession a window large enough for big ole me was unlocked.

Jane...if you look at her you must want to chase her. At least that is what she thinks. Make eye contact with the girl and she shrieks in delight and takes off laughing. She also does this when she steals Atticus' toys now. Shriek with the fun of it and then run and hide behind mommy while Atticus barrels along after her.

Atticus...that boy was built to snuggle. He is the fluffiest of all of my children and also very much a mommas boy. Sunday I was sick and in bed all day. By the afternoon Kenneth had HAD IT with the kids and Atticus was screaming in his bed(his blue scream...wherein his whole body becomes blue...pretty impressive...it will be more impressive if he ever makes himself pass out from it). Finally I had Kenneth bring him to me. He was only in a diaper and as soon as he hit my shoulder he snuggled in hiccuping and rubbing his snotty nose on me. And he just stayed there all warm and snuggly against my chest. I hope I remember that feeling forever.

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RuSty and LaLa said...

when you say you hope you remember that feeling forever, are you referring to the snot?