Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday fever....

Gavin's got it bad. Up until a couple weeks ago if you asked Gavin how old he was he would look at you blankly. Call me a bad mom, whatever, I have slightly neglected that part of his education(shoot, if my sister-in-law Crystal hadn't sent him a birthday package last year I would have completely forgotten....and I won't even tell you how long it took me to figure out why she sent the package...a package covered in birthday themed about a duh moment). Then out the blue he is going on and on about 'birfday cake,' and how he wants his 'birfday.' The twins birthday was the first test of his new birthday love. I made the cakes during the afternoon naps. When he woke up there was no more putting him off. He ran back and forth to Grandma's house telling everyone about the birthday cakes and wanting to know when we would have the party. FINALLY daddy came home and it was time. Unfortunately for Gavin some of the other celebrators where not as prompt as he would have liked...Seriously, he was vibrating from head to toe at this point from sheer delight. So we made him in charge of "reminding" the late comers...."Gavin go tell Aunt Laurie it is time for birthday cake..."

Laurie's account:
hears knocking...and then the door being thrown open:

ON!" and the messenger sprints back to the cakes...leaving the door wide open.

Needless to say, I don't think forgetting his birthday is an option this year.

You can see why he got so excited, eh?

The twins designated candle blowers. Thanks Gavin and Ella!


Anne-Marie said...

Good job on the cake! want to write more but gotta go back to olympics!!!

Team Covey said...

Your "morning" post was awesome. Get this girl a cape! Good to catch up on your cute family. You are seriously wonder woman. Good luck with the delivery! -christine