Monday, May 17, 2010

progress through chaos

You know when you decide to reorganize a room. In the beginning there is a lot of pulling things out and moving things around, and somewhere in the middle you look around and it looks like a bomb went off. Utter chaos. And slowly from that chaos the organization emerges. That is my life right now. I feel like I have been gradually making changes in my life that will in the long run mean a better more organized life...but for now, we are still in the chaotic stage.

For one, I am trying to cook for my family more, and cook more healthy food. This is a big step for me, and I am doing great at it 2 days at a time. Day three I don't feel like making bread again, Day 4 I am still burned out, and Day 5 Kenneth asks me if I am trying to starve the family(since I am trying not to buy things that I can make =). At some point I get enough energy to make enough bread and granola bars to get us thru a few days.

For two, I am trying to exercise on a regular basis. 4 kids in 3 years was not kind to my body, and I am at the point that I would love to not need a seatbelt extender when I fly to Utah in August(yeah it is THAT bad, embarrassing I know... or at least I needed one a year ago a.k.a. the last time I flew...I have been exercising on a semi regular basis since January And I am signed up for a half marathon in July that I am training for, so who knows, it might be an achievable goal.)

For three, I am trying to cut down on the number of movies my kids watch in a given day/week/month. I do this at serious risk for my sanity, but it is a lot like the cooking we have our good days and we have our relapse days while I build up the courage to try again.

I am also trying to keep my house clean enough that when the sugar ants invade that I don't secretly feel like I deserve them, I am trying to wash clothes often enough that we never run out of towels, I am trying have meaningful spiritual enlightenment on a daily basis, I am trying to have weekly family home evening that is more that watching a movie and eating cookies, I am trying to have meaningful interaction with each child at least once a day, I am trying not to yell(ha ha), I am trying to figure out where the pee smell is coming from....I am trying.

So chaos is a frequent visitor at our house, dare I say an hourly visitor? I think that would be an accurate description.

More to say, but I have kids hanging on my ankles and yelling profanity(well not actual profanity, but there is a tone of voice that makes anything said in it sound like a sailor).


Scott and Laura said...

Dear Friend,

OH how I feel your pain and wish we lived closer to each other so that we can encourage one another. Hope it all works out for you! Laura (sister V)


I loved all your goals of progress, very encouraging!
I totally understand the storm that comes when you organize. I try to do one area at a time so that I can finish it in a days time so that by the end of the day things are semi put back together.
I love your honesty.

The Katy Daileys said...

Doesn't having 4 kids in 3 years give you a free pass on this stuff? You are doing great in my opinion and deserve major credit for just surviving! I admire you and am in you so much, Meg!

AmyLyn said...

Oh my gosh, Meg, I feel for you! And I identified with every goal and struggle that you mentioned! I'm with Katy that you for sure should get a free pass on this stuff with the 4 kid in 3 years thing! You are giving your kids an incredible upbringing by the way you teach them and love on them, and emphasize the things that are most important! I loved watching you in action in Texas. The thing I miss most about you is your refreshing honesty! You're amazing!

Joel and Crystal said...

Oh Meg how I have MISSED your thoughts on your blog!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU! I'm trying to get my head above water over here too...and then I get distracted by blogging! :) LOVE YOU!

mombarry said...

My goodness Meg. Put down the flogging braiding material and pick up your halo! You are wonderful!! Love, Mom Barry