Saturday, April 14, 2012

snakes and casual profanity

J- "Mom! Look what I did! I made my letters snakes!"
Me- "*Snort* Why yes you did darling."
J- "Look, I wrote my name with snakes..J-A-N-E. See their heads!"
Me- "That is so great honey, I can tell you worked really hard! *Ahem* what is that you wrote at the bottom?"
J - "I don't know, it's just letters....A-S-S-.......oh yeah, and dat's a T! What does that spell momma?"
Me- "*Giggle* It spells go show your daddy what a great job you did making your letters into snakes, and then bring me that paper to put in your special box."



I need a special box for my kids, good idea.

Carol Joy said...

Oh my!!! LOVE it!!!!!

Angie said...

Nice. Very funny and I love the idea of the special box. Also, the snake letters are very cool. Way to go, Jane!